Thank you - It's a little thing

During a show and particularly at the end of one, it is so easy to get swept up in the moment. With everyone looking to you and listening to you it is natural to get a little self-centred as you focus so hard on making the event a great one for the audience.

As a singer you may be on that stage alone or in front of a band and you can often feel like you are the sole centre of attention and to be honest sometimes you are. It is one of the joys and challenges of being a vocalist. However just because you may feel alone or you may actually be alone you did not get there without a little help.

It is very important to remember the people who put you there, keep you there and make you sound good on stage. When you thank them and how you thank them is up to you but try not to yell it out at the end as people as clapping and getting ready to leave and the words may go unnoticed.

There is no shortage of people that should be thanked and while you should not make it into a speech similar to winning an award (save that for when you actually win an award) you should always acknowledge the key people. This list may change for different events but can include the following:

  • Any musicians on stage with you

  • Sound and lighting people

  • Venue staff and/or owners

  • The person who booked you

  • Any staff who have been particularly helpful

  • Roadies and security staff

  • Any special fans

  • And of course the audience for coming to see you

Without most of these people you would be standing on an empty stage, in an empty room, singing to yourself. Don’t forget to send a follow up thank you as well. Sending an email, a card or a small gift will go a long way towards keeping you in the good books. If you prefer the more personal touch then give them a quick call to say thank you.

Thanks for reading. (see it’s easy)



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