Getting back to basics

There are tools I use to engage my audience on a different level and utilising them sits with my philosophy of being an entertainer as opposed to a singer. It may be something small like a different gesture or a new dance move or just an alternate place to stand. Sometimes those sorts of changes happen organically. Larger pre-planned elements may include props or some kind of stage decoration such as lights or banners. However, every now and then I know that the way to make a song really stand out is to give it less.

Sometimes the message we are trying to convey (which is made up of words and feelings) can get lost in the forest of added bling. A way to shine a spotlight on a song, without actually shining a spotlight on it, is to clear the canvas and start from scratch. Deliver the song in the purest and simplest way you can offer. Start with nothing and then bring in the vocals or a single instrument, and add only the barest breath of production. This will add light and shade to your shows and it will also demonstrate to your audience that you are a performer of substance.

Sometimes you simply have to let the song speak for itself.

Always Aim To Entertain.

Thanks for reading.


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