Aim 2 Entertain - Heat Beating Tips For Performers

Last week was challenging as far as the weather was concerned. I had three solos shows, all during the day, and the heat was certainly draining. The actual venues were lovely and air-conditioned. It was when I was packing the car and transferring gear to the venue from the car that I noticed it most.

I have also done outdoor gigs in the past when the temperature has been less than temperate so here are my tips on how to beat the heat!

  • Choose your outfit carefully. While you still have to look great cut yourself some slack.

  • Tone down the makeup. You don’t want to makeup dripping down your face.

  • Take a small towel for wiping off the sweat.

  • Don’t get changed into your stage clothes until you have set up.

  • Avoid standing around the car park chatting in the sun. Look for shade to stand in if you are waiting for someone.

  • Keep your gear keep covered and have a fan pointing at it to keep a bit cooler.

  • Have a fan for yourself. There are so many to choose from including pedestal, floor box fan or smaller ones that are powered by USB.

  • Consider streamlining your kit if possible. Do you really need all that gear? Can you make the list of things to transport and set up and bit smaller?

  • Get to the gig early and you may be able to park a bit closer. Also it will allow you to set up at a slower pace and give you a few minutes to relax and recover.

  • Accept offers of help. Share the workload around. (taking into consideration OSH, insurance and personal feelings about people touching your gear)

  • Pace yourself. Have a look at the structure of your set list and give yourself some slower tempo songs every now and then. Consider not being as animated on stage. The audience will welcome the break as well.

  • Don’t expect too much from your audience. They may want to be dancing like maniacs but the heat will be affecting them as well. They will still have a good time.

  • DRINK WATER…..DRINK WATER…..DRINK WATER……DRINK WATER. If you find yourself reaching for that Panadol it is most likely because you are dehydrated. Drink more than you normally would!

  • Lastly and most importantly. Be kind to yourself.

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