Gig A Bite - Flashback show 'Love is All Around'

Yesterday I performed my show 'Love is All Around' which is part of the Flashback Series. This program of events has been specially designed for libraries and last year I delivered 12 shows to six different libraries. The latest show was for the wonderful Midland Library who have been one of the biggest supporters of this series. Usually I sing in the library but yesterday I was lucky enough to perform in the Old Courthouse. I had never been in this hall before and did not even know it was there. What a beautiful venue it is!

Oozing with old world charm it has been completly renovated and it looks amazing. It is not a huge space but it does have a decent size stage and lovely high ceilings. The room had a bit of echo but nothing too drastic.

Even though I have performed this show a few times, as most of you would know, you never stop learning in this game and yesterday was no exception.

As part of the show I invite people to share their own stories of romance and love and I am always interested to hear how people met their partners. I asked the audience if anyone would like to tell their story. I had one response almost immediately and then they went quiet. I did pause for a moment but then hurried on to continue the show. As I was reaching to start the next track someone else called out and told how they met their husband. From there a few more shared. It was a good reminder about leaving space for people to respond. Sometimes they just need a bit more time to work up the courage but once the gates open sometimes there is no holding them back.

Another valuable reminder I had yesterday was to not put my water bottle on the table with the mixer and lap top. Near the end of the show I knocked the bottle and water spilled over the keyboard of the laptop. I mopped up as best I could and went on with the show. To be honest I forgot about it until last night when I asked Shaun to show me how to display something on the laptop. He opened it up and water trickled out. He was a bit surprised to say the least. We dried it off some more but when we tried a few commands it did not work properly and was going a bit crazy. Hopefully the few hours it spent outside will have sorted out the problem. Fingers crossed!

A lovely crowd, wonderful venue and terrific staff. Couple that with some great music and I can't think of many better ways to start off the week.

Aim to entertain.


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